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Holographic medical imaging using HOLOFIL

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

HOLOFIL participated in the conference, which focuses on application of 3d printing technology in the medical and healthcare domain in San Fransisco on 20th and 21st April 2018. There was a startup pitch competition and a demo day where HOLOFIL received great positive feedback with a lot of encouragement and potential collaboration opportunities.

3D printing in medical and healthcare domain is doing lot of good as doctors and medical practitioners now can instantly 3D print different human body structures such as bones etc for critical requirements. A lot of emphasis in the conference was on three fields, dentistry, prosthetic arms, and bio-printing for tissue engineering. We learned a great deal of stuff about these areas and how 3d printing is proving so much useful in solving some critical problems in these fields.

HOLOFIL can use a lot of existing 3D data. A lot of medical data is 3D in nature. For e.g. output of a MRI / CT / Spectroscopy scan can be 3D where DICOM images of individual 2D scans can be stacked together to convert them into a 3D representation. These 3D models then can be 3D printed or 3D visualized for either practical utility or for educational training and user experience engagement further. Dental scans are 3D which are then used for 3D printing dentures. All of this data can be visualized in a much more engaging way in HOLOFIL than the traditional flat screens for a better user engagement purpose. HOLOFIL had an interactive demo where we show-cased how different parts of human anatomy could be actively loaded in HOLOFIL and interacted (zoom, rotation, move around, highlight) etc. to get informative knowledge to help patients / users understand some critical aspects of health and body related ecosystem. Visualizing this 3D data in HOLOFIL is much more engaging and attention grabbing than the conventional 2D flat screens because the users pay attention to the visuals being displayed due to their realistic nature where they feel the actual object is physically floating there in HOLOFIL like a hologram. This increases their chance of active participation in the learning process thereby improving their overall learning experience which helps them getting trained in a better way for understanding complex issues with respect to one's medical and healthcare issues.

Here is the demo of our interactive version of HOLOFIL that we showed in 3d heals. It has an audio narration so please keep your headphones / speakers on.

Our pitch was received incredibly well and we were told we have some cool technology on display which should help medical practitioner in a good way. Thank you :-)

HOLOFIL had a very successful showcase at 3d heals that resulted into a lot of potential use cases for application of 3D visualization into medical field. One of the aims of HOLOFIL is evolving in the 3D ecosystem which involves scanning, visualization, and printing, so that 3D visualizations become affordable and attractive while providing a great experience to its users. We expect with new collaborations with medical practitioners this vision should become a reality.

Please connect with us if you think you have some interesting use case for application of HOLOFIL in medical field and healthcare. We are already working on with exciting new projects to suit medical field visualizations. Join the community and be a part of the 3D revolution in medical field.

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