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HOLOFIL invited as a partner in "Digitization of retail conference" in Vienna, Austria, 21

Retail sector is one of the sectors that needs constant innovation in terms of digital signage to keep consumers engaged in the buying experience. In retail sector the competition for attention

is so high that new novel ways to engage your customers attention is a must if a product wants to succeed in the retail space.

One such conference that brings the stakeholders responsible for related innovation happens in Vienna in Austria on 21st June 2018. This conference is mainly focused on how to improve the digitization of retail space so that new innovative solutions involving digital technology can be incorporated into retail space.

HOLOFIL is proud to be invited as a partner to showcase their holographic 3D visualization display technology for retail innovation in branding, marketing, and user experience at this conference by the founders of the conference. We expect to meet some influential players in the retail sector who can influence how retail can progress with the help of digital technology including novel display technologies. HOLOFIL aims to make new partnerships and distribution channels through this conference to help it progress further in expanding its client base in the retail sector.

The video above shows a good way how HOLOFIL based 3D visualizations and holography solutions can help retailers promote their products in an attractive way. The car here is a physical car that is placed inside HOLOFIL and is surrounded by interesting visuals (animations) showing the logo, features, pricing etc. of the product on the display. Retailers can easily create the 3D text based animations using a software that is provided by HOLOFIL as a part of extra package and then they can create the content needed for promoting various products in-house themselves. This gives the retail players a much needed boost to improve their ability to provide a unforgettable user experience to their customers who are visiting in their retail space.

HOLOFIL is working further to improve the entire experience to make it interactive where the viewer can also interact with the content remotely. More on that to come in coming times. HOLOFIL believes there is a lot of scope for innovation in the retail space and holography based 3D visualization solutions can be an attractive propositions for digital signage industry to promote products in retail. One of the aims of HOLOFIL is to be able to provide affordable novel solutions to promote the innovation in 3D visualization and holography space in retail. Promotions using HOLOFIL in retail are upto 5 times more engaging than the promotions on a flat screen, which further leads to better return on investment as consumers remember the brand in a better way, and hence improves the sales of the products in retail space.

Our aim at HOLOFIL is to provide such affordable holographic visualizations solutions for retail innovation and we invite you to contact us if you think you could be the right partner to grow with us in this field.

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