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HOLOFIL generates good interest at Rapid Pro 2018

HOLOFIL team attended RapidPro, a 3D printing and rapid prototyping expo for the companies in the Benelaux region on 7th March as a visitor. The expo had the state of the art technology on display for 3D printing, 3D scanning, prototyping and various manufacturing methodologies.

We spoke with a lot of companies doing 3D printing and 3D scanning to understand the technology they were providing, and the educational knowledge obtained was very informative. We also helped them understand how HOLOFIL could further help them to 3D visualize their 3D content for branding, marketing, interesting new user experience creations, and adding that Oomph factor in their portfolio for 3D ecosystem.

Many of these companies were very much interested in using a solution like HOLOFIL to 3D visualize their 3D content to make it more presentable to a generic audience. They found the starting price of 599 euros (ex-vat) to be very affordable.

3D printing and manufacturing economy already generates a lot of 3D content which is used to 3D print models, or for engineering design usage. What lacks in this entire setup is a good way to present this content such that the uses's are provided with a great experience. HOLOFIL based 3D visualizations for branding, marketing, user experience creations are very affordable and since these companies already make 3D content, the content creation aspect is taken care of, as content creation is one of the most complex and expensive part of the 3D visualization ecosystem.

To conclude, companies representing at RapidPro already have the main component of 3D visualization, which is the 3D content. They just need a handy, portable, affordable device to create a great impression on the audience and HOLOFIL provides that solution in a very convenient way.

We look forward to a future where instead of having a flat screen 2D monitor where the 3D content gets visualized, there would be special 3D devices like HOLOFIL which creates a better visual experience and improves the overall quality of the user experience.

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