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HOLOFIL receives massive interest at Integrated System's Europe

HOLOFIL exhibited at Integrated System's Europe 2018 between 6th-9th Feb at Amsterdam Rai. The response from the international audience was massively overwhelming where a lot of new potential interest for distribution, partners, clients was received.

Our aim at HOLOFIL is to make Holographic 3D devices affordable and portable and the price of HOLOFIL which starts at Euro 599 (ex-vat) including the Android tablet is a reflection of that. One of the main problems with 3D ecosystem at the current state is its too expensive to create the content and the display devices are too expensive relatively. Majority of the devices uses head mounted displays of some sort including Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) players. HOLOFIL's new compact portable and affordable Holography visualization approach was hence received with an overwhelming interest by the international audience.

We also are content creators and can offer affordable content creation rates in house. Content for HOLOFIL needs to be created specially as it uses 3D visualization device specific tuned content. When somebody asks a question, where can we find affordable and portable Holographic devices to create a 3D visual experience, Holofil should be the answer and we want to be the market leaders in affordable and portable Holography solutions. That's our aim and vision.

Just to quick summerize how it works, HOLOFIL or many Holographic devices in the market use the old technique of the Pepper's Ghost effect to create the optical illusion of a 3D holographic imagery inside the HOLOFIL device.

Let's hope that the exposure at Integrated System's Europe will open up new opportunities for HOLOFIL on the International front and will lead to new avenues of growth.

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