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Holographic Branding / Marketing using HOLOFIL

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Brand marketing is an area which needs constant innovation as people get blind after seeing similar techniques and exposure again and again. Pushing advertising content over 2D flat screens of ultra high-resolution etc. has been there for years now and the only innovation that is happening is how to make the content more attractive on the same visual display medium. Holographic branding and holographic marketing serves the exact purpose to be able to capture the attention and engage your audience. Holographic displays such as Holofil are an excellent way to showcase your brands.

At HOLOFIL we want to provide a new visual display medium for brands to show-case their presence for more effective marketing using 3D hologram solutions. HOLOFIL aims to provide an affordable, portable and attention grabbing visual medium to show-case new 3D Holography based content for branding and marketing.

Imagine you are walking in a mall and see Holographic projection device based display's such as HOLOFIL placed at strategic locations to grab attention to create that wow factor. These Holograms appear as if they are floating in the air. The displays need not be really big, but could be many at many locations to create a seamless experience while people move to keep on reminding them of the message they need to receive. There is a lot of scope for improvement of the user experience in retail and HOLOFIL based 3D visualizations using Holographic solutions can be an ideal eye turner to capture people's attention. More brand aware people will lead to more sales for the brand and a happy customer base, to stand out from the competition.

Many shops in the city center areas in many cities need new ways to promote their products and create a mesmerizing experience for their customers and visitors. HOLOFIL based 3D holographic solutions can offer an affordable way to do this. The products that can physically fit inside HOLOFIL can also be placed inside HOLOFIL so that their promotion can be done using interesting infographics animations on top of these products. For more see the demo galleries on the website.

Our aim at HOLOFIL is to offer an affordable visual experience to promote your brand, so that it will lead to increase in more people identifying with your brand, leading to more revenue, than if the same branding was done using conventional ways such as 2D flat screens. HOLOFIL based holographic branding and holographic marketing technology solution thus can be used for branding, marketing, and advertising during marketing and promotions. Holographic displays such as Holofil are an excellent way to showcase your brands.

HOLOFIL offers an affordable way for holographic technology for advertising for brands in the retail sector for businesses branding and marketing. We want to be pervasive in retail marketing where there is literally no presence of 3D ecosystem, by being the market leader. Reach out to us to get that experience.

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