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Why should artists use HOLOFIL @ art fairs

Many art galleries and artists have a problem where they can not display their expensive, heavy sculptors in real life at art fairs because its impractical to carry them. Instead they take photos and flyers which do not necessarily convey the correct appeal of the art.

HOLOFIL provides an affordable way to display 3D visualization of the 3D scanned art from these artists so that they can show-case their art in a more realistic form than printing on flyers. 3D scanning of sculptors and 3D visualizations in a portable and affordable way is thus a very important use case for HOLOFIL. 3D scanners of consumer grade quality are very affordable and super easy to use and can be used by these artists to 3D scan their art and once the 3D model is made, it can be be further 3D visualized like a Hologram to be placed into HOLOFIL, the holography device. Our aim is thus to become the 3D visualization holography device to be used by artists for their art.

Affordable art fair is a yearly art fair in Amsterdam where the art priced below 5000 euros is sold. It draws an crowd in terms of the exhibitors which includes international artist and art gallerias.

Mrunal and two more interns from HOLOFIL were invited as guests by one of the exhibitors with whom Mrunal has a good connections.

We pitched HOLOFIL to many artists to represent their art in 3D format and saw an amazing interest from various art gallery owners and various individual artists who wanted to integrated the latest technology in their portfolio to represent their art in a new modern form to show-case to their audience.

The picture above especially captured our attention because in real life the circles that you see above appear in a complete 3D representation where the circle's appear contoured as it coming towards you in 3D while the hole in the center draws you inwards. It is created by carefully positioning 120 layers of the same photo phase shifted slightly on a special material.

HOLOFIL was received very warmly at the Art fair and we hope to enter into this market to make the traditional artists progress into the world of 3D to represent their art when they visit new art fairs and exhibits.

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