The 3D experience starts here

Customized content

The 3D content for Holofil can be custom created by our team. Please contact us at to discuss your requirements. 

scientific / client generated content

Scientific 3D data-sets can be easily visualized for a better visual appeal in HOLOFIL. Scientific companies, engineering companies, architectural companies, artistic companies can 3D visualize their existing 3D content easily in HOLOFIL.

hybrid reality

The technology is moving in the space of virtual reality, augmented reality, and related themes. Holofil allows you to have a "Hybrid reality" where you can mix  physical objects with virtual objects to create a seamless visual impression. In the video here wooden planks and magnet strips are real objects while the girl is animated to interact with these objects around her. 


Create the brand experience using stunning 3D logos,  attention seeking special offers, special menus, in-house deals and promotions. Explore creative ways to create that special customer experience.

Perfectly suited to catch customer's attention in the waiting lobbies, queues at the cash counters, display windows for passerby, exhibition booth, demo, etc.    

product exploration

Narrate the story behind your product using stunning 3D visuals that explode to show the working of your product.

Let customers explore the ingenuity of your product by getting to know it better. Tinker with your customer's curiosity to help him/her remember your product from the competition. 

interior decoration

A new way to constantly decorate your office / store / home interior. Use a vast collection of 3D visualizations to accentuate the calmness of your interior surroundings.

Choose from the meditating Buddhas, Greek statutes, antique art, swimming fishes, flapping butterflies, birds, ... Choose from the constantly updated vast collection of our stock library content. 

Make learning fun

Make learning fun again for your kids. Improve their interest in learning Science by creating practical 3D visualizations that explain how Scientific concepts work. Show 3D visualizations of body parts, solar system, mechanical systems at work. Make science fun again. 


Do you want to improve the experience of your gaming studio? Want to create a 3D experience where your clients can see their favorite characters in live action? Experience the live action in 3D of all the superhero characters. 

customer Engagement

Engage with your customers in the most visually appealing ways. 


The possibilities of doing different 3D visualizations with Holofil. Contact us for more. 

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