HOLOFIL is designed with portability in mind. You can carry it in a carry on bag in airplane for various demos, events, exhibitions etc. It weighs 5 kg. 


The display tablet here uses OLED technology. OLED is a much superior technology than LCD which the base model uses. Hence OLED offers a much superior seamless visual experience where the contrast and sharpness is exponentially better compared to the LCD. LCD tablets have a backlight while in OLED there is no backlight hence the black is real black as in OLED individual pixels can be turned on and off and when there is black color no pixel is turned on. This produces deep contrasts and the visuals are exponentially better than LCD. If you are looking for a far superior experience, choose this version. 



This is a 2048 x 1536 QXGA resolution model and works in both non-interactive and interactive mode where you can watch the 3D visual holographic content like movies. The content is 3d model animations that are exported in mp4 format and are played in a loop in an android movie player in the device. 


In the interactive mode you can load 3d models in the device and then interact with them using a bluetooth controler for turning, moving, zooming. etc. 


This package includes the HOLOFIL model + bluetooth controler + interactive application for remote interactivity that allows 3d model exploration including motions such as rotation, move, zoom. 


This model has a Full HD resolution unlike the base model which has HD resolution. 

HOLOFIL interactive (2048 x 1536 QXGA resolution) OLED

€ 1.199,00Price
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    The shipping price consists of a packing + shipping fee. Packing fee is 20 euros and shipping fee varies based on the destination. For within Netherlands it is 15 euros, within EU it is 33 euros, and any where in the world it is 60 euros. Shipping times within Netherlands are two business days, within EU are 5 business days, and in the rest of the world is typically 15-20 business days (excluding customs delays). 


    If you would like you can also choose pick in office option and save on the shipping fees. 


    VAT of 21% is applicable for shipping within Netherlands and for the rest of the world it is not applicable. 


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