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Interact with HOLOFIL using your face now

If you always wanted to understand what it feels like when the machines become artificially intelligent, the recent update that we did to HOLOFIL which makes HOLOFIL smarter, is a step in that direction.

We launched a new technology in HOLOFIL using Artificial intelligence techniques with face tracking where in as you move in front of HOLOFIL the 3D content inside will move with you to show you different sides of the 3D model seamlessly.

See a demo here in action of one of our early prototypes ...

Face tracking opens up a host of new interesting applications that can go well with HOLOFIL, which can be built using this technology further. This feature uses our own in-house technology to track your face and then move the 3D content (3D models) to match your angle of viewing.

This is a really cool feature for exhibitions, museums where 3D models are exhibited in the device and the viewers get an immersive experience of their presence while moving around them.

Be assured we do not store any information about you and do not violate your privacy in any ways, neither share any of your face related information. We use your face as a just another medium to interact with the 3D content, the way you can use other body parts such as hands, fingers, etc. So do not get worried over the privacy concerns at all.

As machines become intelligent they open up a host of new opportunities and we are using this important feature to expand HOLOFIL in being smarter in understanding its surroundings further.

Keep watching this space for more updates on this further in the near future ...

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