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Holographic art using holographic mixed reality

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Digital art is the concept where digital medium is used to create interesting artistic concepts. The digital art focuses on 2D illustrations, 3D modeling, 3D animations, and related aspects. One new interest that is emerging in the market is holographic art. There are many artists who have been creating static holographic art by stacking glass layers to create a static 3D image.

This is a volumetric image where there are layers of glass that are painted with each slice of the volume. When these sliced images are brought together they create a volumetric representation where you can move around this volume and see the different sides of the image in 3D.

This is an old technique used by artists to create a static holographic image art. With the advent of digital displays we are moving in the era of digital holographic art where moving 3D animations are used to create 3D holographic representation.

HOLOFIL provides an illusion of 3D volumetric art when combined with physical objects also called as mixed reality setup. See an example here of this holographic art that you can buy at affordable prices further. Holographic art using holofil is thus a great way to showcase your talent to create interesting visual concepts.

Here various physical objects are combined with relevant virtual 3D animation content that matches the concepts story to create mixed reality setup for the holographic art on display. This is not volumetric projection but when combined with 3D real objects you get a sense of depth that makes it realistic as if its physically there.

HOLOFIL thus can be used to create impressive holographic art concepts that you can use for decorating your interiors and this is a hologram buy out offer you should not refuse.

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