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HOLOFIL won the AR / VR startup pitch at IFA Berlin

HOLOFIL was invited by the organizers of the IFA Berlin in Sept 2023 to showcase in the biggest consumer electronics show in the EU. IFA Berlin showcases some of the latest startups doing consumer electronics from around the world, along with big industry players showcasing their technologies in consumer electronics. There is a lot of emphasis on sustainable transportation with e-bikes and related tech as well.

Below are some stills from the HOLOFIL setup. In most of such exhibits there is one business display use case and one consumer display use case and a banner. So that's a very compact and standard setup for most of our exhibitions to keep the logistics easy.

holofil stand at IFA Berlin 2023

HOLOFIL ended up winning the AR / VR pitch battle category and went on to compete in the finals with 6 other startups. There were around 400 startups overall in the startup area this year.

HOLOFIL at AR/VR pitch competition IFA Berlin

See the final pitch in the pitch battle here with question answers followed from the judges. Here you can understand what is the vision for HOLOFIL, and what are various aspects that exist from development etc perspectives.

Hope that gives a good understanding of our 2023 event starts as this was the first international event we attended after almost a full silence during the Covid 2020, 2021 and then Ukraine war 2022. Hopeful that the momentum is going to come back.

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