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HOLOFIL snake 3D Android / iOS holographic game launched

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

HOLOFIL launched a game store that has a range of 3D casual holographic 3D games that are designed to be playable both on your mobile phones and HOLOFIL devices. We have a plan to release 15 games in the coming months under our own game store. In March 2022 we release the first game, HOLOFIL snake 3D on Android to begin with. These casual 3D games are specifically designed for HOLOFIL-cardboard, our soon to be launching holographic consumer device through crowdfunding. You will experience an insane level of engaging holographic 3D experience once you play these games in HOLOFIL-cardboard with a Bluetooth controller. These are Holo games from HOLOFIL for you.

The above video shows a game play on Android mobile with the touch interface. You can use the same game with your mobile by turning on the Holographic mode where the Bluetooth controller activates and then you can play by placing your mobile in Holofil-cardboard our soon to be crowdfunded consumer device, for an incredible experience. This is our attempt to showcase how amazing Holographic games can look like to play to take the mobile gaming experience to the next level.

We would encourage you to install the game on your Android mobile, play it, give it a rating, review it and share it to help it spread. And wait for our crowdfunding campaign to get your hands on the HOLOFIL-cardboard consumer device which will cost less than €100.

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