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Holofil Photo Frame 3D Android / iOS app - Convert 2d photos to 3D photo frames

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

HOLOFIL launched the Holofil Photo Frame 3D app today in Playstore and Appstpre, which allows uploading of 2D images in jpeg/png format and converts them into a 3D model that has a canvas mounted picture. You can further export this 3D model in Obj/mtl/texture format and then import this 3D model in your metaverse apps or our own 3D animation exporter app, HOLOFIL-X.

HOLOFIL-X allows importing of the 3D model and then do simple 3d turntable animation to rotate the model and export it as a mp4 file in different resolutions. You can use this 3D animation further in Holofil-cardboard (our holographic projection device) to create a 3D animation photo frame visualization of different photos showcasing a digital holographic 3D experience. Take your selfies and show them in HOLOFIL-cardboard in holographic visualization.

See some screen-shots of the Photo frame 3D app to convert 2D images on a 3D canvas frame is as below.

Install the free version from Android playstore from here

Install the paid version Android playstore from here

Install the free iOS app from the below link for our appstore.

Install the paid iOS app from the below link for our appstore.

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