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HOLOFIL guest lecture at Metis Montessori High school Amsterdam

Mrunal was invited to give a guest lecture to a group of 40 high school students aged 14 to 19 at the Metis Montessori school in Amsterdam by one of the lecturers as this school has a focus on Computer science where the students learn about programming and related aspects, including game programming in Unity.

Mrunal gave a lecture on "3D virtual world" comprising of hardware / software / careers to the students and introduced HOLOFIL-cardboard to them including a demo.

Hopefully this will result in inspiring at least a few of the students to delve more in this ecosystem and learn further. Some of them already plan to work with HOLOFIL-cardboard game ecosystem where they plan to build some games for it, as the lecturer already bought a device when he met HOLOFIL at Eindhoven Maker Fair on 24th Sept 2022.

Have you not yet seen the existing games from HOLOFIL game store. Then check them out here.

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