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HOLOFIL-cardboard Indiegogo crowdfunding 100% funded

HOLOFIL is excited to announce that its ongoing fundraising on Indiegogo award based crowdfunding platform got a good support when 104 supporters backed the campaign to fund it to €10k in 7 days.

HOLOFIL-cardboard is the new consumer mobile based patent pending display that simulated 3D holographic visualizations and comes with a range of software apps and 3D games ecosystem developed by HOLOFIL.

The campaign has now entered in the scale mode where it is trying to reach as much wider audience as possible to raise more funds and get more pre-orders. So far a total of 100 devices pre-orders have been placed.

Do visit the crowdfunding campaign and pre-order HOLOFIL-cardboard as its being offered at up-to 50% discount prices. We already have inventory so we will start shipping as soon as the campaign finishes by end of July. You can also support us by donations.

Support us to raise more. Click on the button above to visit the campaign page and check various use cases on offer for consumers.

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