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hologram display at Eindhoven maker fair Netherlands

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Makers fair is a place where creators show off their amazing creations every year. In Eindhoven this fair is held each year. And it is called Eindhoven Maker fair. HOLOFIL was invited to showcase here in Sept 2023.

On 24th 25th Sept 2022 HOLOFIL was present at the yearly Eindhoven Maker Fair in Eindhoven.

Below you can see the setup photos. A big draw was the kids playing Snake 3D game in HOLOFIL-cardboard and leaving super happy with the experience.

hologram display at eindhoven maker fair

kids playing eindhoven maker fair

kids playing Eindhoven maker fair

Eindhoven Maker Fair is a yearly event where highly curated projects (around 100) from makers from all over the world are displayed for two days in Eindhoven. These projects range from electronics, mechanical, robotics, 3d printing, etc. It is primarily aimed to trigger curiosity and inspiration for kids to start making things.

The HOLOFIL booth was super busy with constant walk ins of parents. And many kids ended up playing the 3D snake game in HOLOFIL-cardboard device giving us valuable feedback about the amazing experience they got out of that. A few also happened to buy the product that was on sale during the fair.

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