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Enjoy HOLOFIL snake 3D Android / iOS game / 3D snake mobile game Android / iOS

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Were you fascinated by the classic arcade game snake that used to come on Nokia phones? Well we loved them. Here we have created a 3D classic version of it specially designed for HOLOFIL-cardboard our consumer display device for creating a holographic experience.

HOLOFIL snake 3D is a casual game that is designed for 3D version for both Android and iOS. It is available on both Android playstore and Apple appstore now.

You get to choose between different playing modes. You can play it either on your mobile phone with direct touch interface, or use the gamepad controller that comes with HOLOFIL-cardboard device or play it in HOLOFIL-cardboard device with Holographic mode.

We have released both the Android and iOS versions in both free and paid versions. So you can try and check how much you enjoy it before upgrading to a paid version.

So go ahead and try your Holofil snake 3D Android or iOS game and see how long you can survive as a snake before growing too big or without hitting the obstacles around it.

Install the FREE version from Android playstore from here

Install the paid version Android playstore from here

Install the FREE version from Apple app store here

Install the PAID version from Apple app store here


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