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Holographic 3d Blocks Android / iOS game from HOLOFIL / 3D Tetris Android / iOS mobile games

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Were you always fascinated by your long term childhood game Tetris that mostly was played on a arcade portable console? Do you miss playing that these days yourself or do you have kids that now you would want to expose further to the game ?

HOLOFIL launched a 3D version of the famous Tetris called HOLOFIL Blocks 3D on its Android play-store and iOS app store. Below are some screenshots of the same for you to take a look at. You can play the game with regular touch interface on your mobile or using Bluetooth gamepad interface in our consumer device HOLOFIL-cardboard. Check it out from the links below.

Below are the links to install the game from Android Playstore and iOS Appstore

Android free version (with ads)

Android paid version (without ads)

iOS free version on Appstore

iOS paid version on Appstore


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