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3D ecosystem innovations by startups

Here is a list of interesting innovations startups are addressing in 3d ecosystem (3d innovations). Not in any order of importance.

1. 3d video content creation - volumetric video capture using different techniques such as 3d depth cameras / Lidars / Nerfs etc.

2. 3d model creation - Different AI techniques to create 3d photo realistic models from front / side photo of an object / 3d scanners / lidars / photogrammetry etc.

3. 3d ecommerce - Integration of 3d models in ecommerce stores / 3d product configurators / 3d immersive stores for shopping than static web pages with 2d photos

4. 3d fitting - 3d measurements in fashion using 2d photos (front/ side) for body measurements/ 3d avtaar creations with fitting/ footwear measures using foot scan

5. 3d digital fashion - Integration of 3d digital fashion for new clothing creation including use of AI to generate new designs for clothes.

6. 3d desktop displays - A range of different types of desktop displays using techniques such as light field / volumetric imaging/ lenticular microlens overlay / 3d projection etc

7. 3d head mounted displays - Different AR glass type displays using lightfield / diffraction waveguides / VR passthrough technologies.

8. Optimizing 3d infrastructure for data transfer and storage and related algorithms for data compression / edge detection for object recognition / point cloud processing / codecs / inter platform operatability etc.

A lot of AI is being used to automate the 3d content creation process as 3d content creation otherwise is quite complex / time consuming / expensive process involving long workflow pipelines and involving manual work affecting its scalability overall. However, most of it is still in its early stage and improving rapidly each year.

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