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HOLOFIL and Virtual Reality - VRDays Amsterdam

HOLOFIL creates 3D visualizations that can be categorized loosely in the area of augmented and virtual reality based trends in the market. HOLOFIL can act as a good partner of VR community where some of the main characters that are visualized in the VR head-sets can be further used to demonstrate in HOLOFIL to show-case in 3D visualized way. Thus Holography and Virtual reality can co-exist using Holofil as a device to show-case some core content being played in virtual reality displays. In exhibition booths visitors hardly get attracted towards posters or digital screens showing the VR content, but if some of the main themes of the VR can be visualized in HOLOFIL to attract attention of visitors it can work wonder to draw visitors towards booths. HOLOFIL thus has a huge benefit for VR community to act as its main display agent.

Members of the HOLOFIL team attended the VRDays conference in Amsterdam ( to get a feel of the virtual reality advancements in the VR world. Mrunal attended as a visitor, while

Julia, a 3D artists attended it as a volunteer and Samar, an intern attended it to see a women in VR event.

Virtual reality is still in its infancy and most of the content produced out there is from the 360 camera views, put into low resolution displays, which does not really create a good VR experience. This conference presented some really good content providers producing stereoscopic 3D VR experiences in health, education, entertainment, and other areas and the entire experience was quite amazing.

HOLOFIL found some opportunities for partnerships, clients, and collaborations with some of the exhibitors and hopes to expand into related segments.

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