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HOLOFIL joins AI forces with Aigency

Aigency is a company that integrates Artificial Intelligence related research that takes place at academia with corporations that might benefit from it. Aigency is based at Amsterdam Science Park and works with some respected corporations.

Aigency used HOLOFIL to pitch to a big corporate brand that uses around 1000 different types of beer bottles for serving to their customers worldwide, and wants to reduce it to around 400 different types of bottles to help save the costs.

Aigency is in the process of proposing an AI based solution to this problem to help optimize the bottle procurement process. To be able to do this, Aigency 3D scans the bottles and uses it for mathematically detecting the closely associated 3D models to be able to optimize them further for procurement. Aigency thus uses 3D modelling tools starting from 3D scanning bottles. HOLOFIL was also pitched as a visualizer for bottles for catching attention of the customers.

Lets hope Aigency manages to woo the brand with their approach.

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