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HOLOFIL's success @ Maker's Fair Eindhoven

HOLOFIL grew out of collaborative effort from the Science Park Creatives ( community platform that Mrunal started 2 years back. On 2nd / 3rd September HOLOFIL was presented as one of the projects at the Maker's Fair Eindhoven.

The event involved more than 200 makes from all over the Netherlands and was held in the design city of the Netherlands, Eindhoven. It involved projects ranging from robotics, toy train model setups, exoskeletons, hobbyist to serious electronics, wood work, and plenty of more creative pursuits. There were kids everywhere with their parent learning awesome new stuff and inspiring us to do more creative work with their innocence.

HOLOFIL based holographic 3D visualization solutions gathered a lot of attention where people inquired about its design, way of working, business model, company location, different packages, use-cases, and related work. We did a lot of 3D face scanning with our 3D scanner and emailed these face scans to people so that they can check it on their personal devices. We got some interesting leads, suggestions, use-case ideas,

information about new events, met some amazingly creative makers, and got incredibly inspired.

We plan to go there again next year with more interesting projects and more community members. Thank you very much Makers Fair Eindhoven organizers for arranging such a great

event. Some pictures can be seen here

(Please do not mind these hand written flyers to catch attention which we had to create at the booth after understanding the mood of the crowd and what would work with them to provide a call of action to them.)

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