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Welcome to HOLOFIL blog

At Artosci (the parent company of HOLOFIL), we value democracy in its best way. Since its launch HOLOFIL posted regular updates about its various activities in briefly on its LinkedIn company page and also on HOLOFIL web-site news page. However, hosting company pages on LinkedIn is resulting into incredible conflicts where LinkedIn does not allow control as an administrator of a lot of stuff and behaves in an autocratic way taking down features at the whim under different pretexts.

This prompted us into a serious thinking of our content hosting needs with dedicated updates through RSS feed, and we decided to start our own blog for hosting our updates where we have complete control over what we can do.

Further Artosci is seriously thinking of taking down / stop putting new updates on its company page as a protest of LinkedIn behavior, so, unfortunately, the followers will not be able to get any new updates on LinkedIn company page in their feed. If you like us, please check our company page news section or subscribe to our news letter for regular weekly updates or subscribe to our RSS blog feed for daily instant updates as we grow. We seriously protest against such behavior from a professional social network monopoly, who does not take into account its users.

Here is to a new blog update culture at HOLOFIL to update our followers. So please subscribe to our RSS feed to stay tuned.

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