branding..the holofil way

holofil makes your brand look cool

These are the show-reels that are visualized in HOLOFIL to make the audience engage with your brand more effectively. 


A client gifted Telexis HOLOFIL device with its logo in it for branding at their reception. (This is a video shot on a demo test device in our lab).

edmund optics (UK)

Leaders in various optics technology solutions for the last 75 years.

ACE Venture lab

Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE) is tech startup incubator in Amsterdam focused on Scientific startups.

cow museum (3D scanned cow)

Cow museum is a unique shop in Amsterdam city center with artistic cow models from the biggest art even, the Cow Parade. This is a 3D scanned cow that is visualized in HOLOFIL.

preferred-depot (US)

Preferred-Depot assists outside US companies to establish their product in the US market by providing logistics and related services. 

Amsterdam scientific instruments

Amsterdam Scientific Instruments is a scientific startup working on specially created spectroscopy images. 

Luxendo (microscopy)

Luxendo is a microscopy company from Germany that will use HOLOFIL for its 3D datasets visualization. One such 3D data-set can be seen here. 

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