Improve engagement of audience with your brand by 5 times *

     Create your visual story / marketing / training in 3D holography using HOLOFIL to attract and engage your audience.          

  HOLOFIL is a tabletop holographic display with 3D content to create  visual experiences for branding, marketing, education, & training.


The holographic display with the best visual quality* (Now with Face Tracking Interaction Technology)

Buy 699 Euros Base Package, Rent 75 Euros /day (Ex-VAT)

* Based on the feedback from more than 5000 viewers over a period of 1.5 year in 15 world-wide events

Attention capture 

3 times more viewers stop to pay attention to HOLOFIL compared to a flat screen.

User engagment

Viewers spend 5X seconds watching HOLOFIL compared to X  seconds on a flat screen.

Up-to 30% Sales rise

By physically placing the retail products inside HOLOFIL with 3D augmented animations. See **here

Light weight



Special optics

LED lights

Mixed reality

Design right

Capture attention, create engagement, & increase sales

The curved design and special optics makes HOLOFIL unique compared to its competitors in providing the best visual quality.

Do marketing and branding by combining physical products and 3D animations

Mixed Reality

Bluetooth controller interaction with your digital products / custom built games

(New - Face Tracking Interaction Technology) 

Free app (3D model viewer)

Use 3D model viewer to load 3D models and explore them.


Paid app (3D animation exporter)

Create your own simple 3D model animations using free 3D models from the Internet to use them in HOLOFIL.


HOLOFIL uses Android operating system.

Use HOLOFIL at your home / office desk / reception using the content generated from our Android app

Create your own 3D content with our Android apps

Customized 3d animation content services

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jim-stolze (1).jpg

CEO Aigency

At Aigency we build artificial intelligence solutions for multinationals. The interface and visualization of data is a key part of this. Working with Mrunal and his team is always a pleasure. HOLOFIL gives it another dimension!


CEO Contentwise

3D Visualization is crucial to our Robotics and Artificial Intelligence solutions at ContentWise. We take our pride in delivering highest quality to our corporate customers. In close collaboration with HOLOFIL we can meet those expectations with ease.



Trade-shows timeline & Media presence


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