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cow museum

Cow Museum is an unique shop in the city center of Amsterdam, which show-cases different artistic cow models in different shapes, sizes, art patterns, themes, etc. It is representative of the Cow Parade, one of the biggest art events in the world where different artists throughout the world contribute to.


Cow museum is using HOLOFIL for branding using their 3D animated logo, along with showcasing of various 3D scanned cows for attracting customers attention to their shop through the display window. 

my-story (media company)

My-story is a media content creator in Amsterdam with a focus on promotional video content, real estate video content, virtual reality content etc. They have a list of established clients. 


HOLOFIL collaborates with my-story for content creation, client collaboration, and promotional events.  My-story used HOLOFIL for presenting real estate architectural content at Provada  real estate international exhibition at Amsterdam Rai. Here is a snapshot of HOLOFIL in a wall experiment at Red Light District store in Amsterdam city center which caught a lot of attention. 



Amsterdam center for entrepreneurship (co-working space)

Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE) Venture Lab is Science based startup incubator at Amsterdam Science Park startupvillage. ACE hosts around 15 startups in container based office spaces. 


HOLOFIL will be used to do branding of startups by displaying their holographic logos along with a short introduction in the co-working space at Startupvillage. 




edmund-optics (UK)


Edmund optics is a multi-national company pioneering different products in the optics field. Their UK office will be using HOLOFIL for product marketing purposes using the in-house animated content.



Centrum wiskunde & Informatica (cwi)


CWI is a Dutch national research institute for mathematics and computer science in Amsterdam. CWI does pioneering research in informatics and computer science and was the place where Europe's first Internet connection was registered, and .NL domain was registered first here. 


HOLOFIL will be used for show-casing CWI branding at the reception entrance and for a show-reel of the research groups at work at CWI. 

preferred-depot (usa)


Preferred Depot, based in Southern California is a company that assists companies outside USA to sell their products in the US market by providing logistics related services. 


HOLOFIL will be collaborating with Preferred-Depot to do its promotions, new customer acquisitions, and networking. HOLOFIL will be used by Preferred-Depot to do their own branding at the exhibitions and demos using a show reel consisting of their logo and a story line of their core services. 



Amsterdam scientific instruments


Amsterdam Scientific Instruments (ASI) is a company that has its own spectroscopy camera which generates 3D dataset images. 


HOLOFIL will be used by ASI to do branding and product promotion during exhibitions at various worldwide events. 





Aigency is a company working on integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) research tools from academia to corporations in need of them.


They used HOLOFIL to pitch one of their AI-related projects to a well-known top international beer brand from the Netherlands, to help the brand does better bottle procurement from their inventory of more than 1000 different types of bottles worldwide. 




Luxendo (Germany)

Luxendo is a microscopy company based in Germany that works in the area of bioimaging. They were bought by Bruker an American company in mid-2017. 


They will use HOLOFIL to 3D visualize the 3D data-set produced by their microscopes to show-case during exhibitions/event places etc. 



Contentwise (belgium)

Contenwise is a Belgium company with PrintRod 3D printing tool-bot as one of its products. Contewise will be using HOLOFIL as a demo unit to sell into the Belgium market and also provide product development consultancy for merchandising HOLOFIL units for consumer usage. 


React-impact E.u. (austria)

React-impact-e.u is an Austrian company which aims to specialize in 3D visualization ecosystem including projection mapping, virtual reality, holography etc. They will be using HOLOFIL as an extension of different visual experience creations for visual storytelling.


NetIPbox (Spain)

Netipbox is a Spanish company focusing on digital signage based cloud solutions. They are using HOLOFIL as a part of their for cloud based solutions for event promotions etc.


bOuvet (sweden)

Bouvet is a Stockholm based Swedish company focused on IT consultancy. They will be using HOLOFIL for event promotion using a Penguin which is their mascot moving in HOLOFIL. The video below shows a test demo setup in our office test setup.

3D-makers zone (Netherlands)

3dmakerszone is a Dutch company based in Harlem focused in 3D ecosystem from makers perspective for 3D printing, 3D scanning, prototyping and related innovative work. They will be using HOLOFIL as an extension of their hybrid reality extension experimentation of tech integration with 3D ecosystem including 3D scanning, printing, IoT

Josawa trading Enterprise (south africa)

Josawa trading  is a Johannesburg, South Africa based distributor firm interested for distribution of HOLOFIL in South African market. They will be using HOLOFIL to demo to prospective clients in the South African market.  

Concept PLV (Morocco)

Concept PLV is a moroccan distributor who is interested to use HOLOFIL in the Moroccan market. Concept PLV specializes in point of sale retail distribution and would be working with HOLOFIL to spread in the Moroccan market. 

Planetarium Hamburg​ (Germany)

Planetarium Hamburg is a planetarium museum in Hamburg, Germany. They will be using HOLOFIL for experimenting with the user experience planetorium experiences. 

GRUPOJOTA (Portugal)

Grupojota is a distributor in Portugal Braga area focused on digital signage and indoor setups. They will be using HOLOFIL for an event and then promotions to their clients. 

VNDGLOBAL (Netherlands)

Vndglobal is a Dutch consultancy company that plans to use HOLOFIL as a corporate gift to its client Telexis where the Telexis brand will be showcased in HOLOFIL at its head office. 

HIA3d (Netherlands)

Hia3D is a Dutch 3D studio that creates content for its clients. They plan to use  HOLOFIL for supporting their clients requirements. 

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