attract your audience's attention 

HOLOFIL creates a 3D visualization experience that is up to 5 times more engaging, compared to 2D flat screen visualizations.

The audience is thus more conscious of your message resulting in improved sales/user experience.

how can holofil help your business

In exhibition booths / stores

  • Stop customers walking around to notice your products

  • Helps to remember your product from the competition

  • Showcase a range of your products in 3D visualization

  • Place physical products inside HOLOFIL and combine them with visual infographics to highlight their features (Hybrid reality - The car in the demo is an actual physical car).

  • Create engaging interactive user experiences

how can holofil help your Science

In scientific institutes / healthcare / schools

  • Make engaging scientific demos

  • Present your existing 3D datasets such as confocal microscopy, spectrography, MRI, CT scan, point cloud data sets in a novel way

  • Visualize complex scientific concepts to help them easy to understand

  • Interact with the 3D content remotely to help get educated about biological, mechanical systems

  • Make science cool, fun, and interesting

how can holofil help your events / museum

In events / co-working spaces / museums

  • Promote startup visibility using their 3D logos and infographics at the reception/public spaces

  • Give visibility to the partners of events using a show-reel of their brand logos and infographics

  • Promote the event's highlights at the reception / public spaces

  • Recreate the educational experience to provide information

  • Create mesmerizing visual storylines to enthrall the visitors

  • Make interactive visual experiences 

how can holofil help your fashion

In fashion studios

  • Visualize simulations of model ramp walks with various clothing

  • Demo your prototype 3D modeled clothes

  • Showcase a collection of clothing line at fashion houses

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